The Package-Launcher

the tool that has no equal.

The Package Launcher is the tool for optimizing software packaging and distribution. It acts as an interface and wrapper between the native software package and the software distribution (for example, SCCM). In this function, it takes over the management and precise control of software installations.

A central point is also the well thought-out and transparent update model. This is directly attached to the front end of the software installation and cleverly overcomes the shortcomings of SCCM or other software distribution tools. The Package Launcher also offers highly convincing and automated solutions for the management and integration of software package dependencies.

Application administration, management and deployment via System Center Configuration Manager are enormously simplified by the Package Launcher and made clear by the standardized object creation. The Package Launcher is the tool that gives the SCCM administrator a tidy and clean software deployment. Away from black-box deployment, towards an efficient software distribution infrastructure. It does not matter whether App-V or MSI software packages are to be transferred to the application structure. App-V 4.6, 5.0 and 5.1 are directly supported along with MSI, MSP, MST, MSU, legacy setups and scripts.

The Package Launcher also offers highly interesting features and automatisms for software deployment with SCCM: Besides the 1-click transfer, which creates all necessary SCCM objects and the clever update management, which allows an agile software deployment, you will find many other and promising features.

In addition to a direct evaluation of installation transactions via a log file, a MOF extension adds a lot of information to the hardware inventory. All this information is now available in SCCM via queries and reports.

The most important functions at a glance

  • Cost savings due to a reduction of activities during the update by the packager.
  • In the case of an update on existing installed devices, only the update, the individual revision, would be installed, downloaded and cached on the device via software distribution. In addition to saving time in the update process and being less prone to errors, this also means a reduction in network load.
  • Job-related transparency. Each job can later be clearly assigned to a revision. Errors can also be better localized and assigned to a change request.
  • Updates can be easily managed with any transport and deployment system, and a clear inventory with accurate update status can be realized.
  • Software packages consisting of multiple elements - for example, 4 individual MSI files - could also be wrapped as a logical unit without the need to create multiple packages. The installation wrapper would install the entire software package transactionally, so that a transport and deployment system would only receive the status "successfully installed" back when all individual components could actually have been installed without errors.

Summary of benefits:

  • Automated and automatable interfaces.
  • Automated creation of SCCM Applications, Deployment Types, Detection Methods, Collections & Deployments.
  • Optional user involvement during installation through installation and upgrade wizards.
  • Uniform design of all software packages.
  • Easy update and upgrade handling.
  • Simple and transparent integration of dependencies.
  • Efficient templates for the software packager.
  • Support for many setup resources: (App-V, MSI, MST, MSP, MSU, legacy, scripts, etc.).
  • Far more robust installations than native integration.
  • Support facilitation through clear transaction logging and installation tools.
  • Full control of installation status.
  • Support for multiple languages and platforms in a single package.
  • Network bandwidth reduction during package updates and uninstallation.
  • Automation and simplification of many standard tasks.
  • Variant capability.
  • Possibility of user interaction after installation (restart prompts, etc.).

Manufacturer: Real Packaging GmbH
Product presentation: on Youtube