more than 25 years of experience
in different industries:
Information Technology
Authorities / Administration Aviation / Police
Customs / Military
Banks / Insurances Chemistry / Pharmaceuticals Automobiles
Machine building

I see myself as a partner for sophisticated solutions in the entrepreneurial IT area. The focus is the systematic simplification of productive processes in the area of software packaging and software development. My goal is to propose guidelines and basic strategies to develop proprietary quality standards for planning, control, assurance, presentation and creative innovation.
to plan, to capture and to secure is a mutually dependent and complementary system flow.  

is thus a decisive factor for surviving in competition, for proving oneself to the customer and for forming and living out one's own corporate identity.
Systematizing this process creates transparency both internally and externally.

internally helps to avoid mistakes, to develop own new ideas and to strengthen the identity of the whole company.

outwardly presents the value of the service provided, creates trust and involves the customer in the process of further development.

what others say about me:

  • We have come to know Mr. Mühlberg as a committed, flexible and reliable employee.
  • Mr. Mühlberg is highly respected by our customers due to his professional competence.
  • Mr. Mühlberg has comprehensive and versatile specialist knowledge, which he always used confidently and skillfully in practice.
  • Due to his precise analytical ability and his quick comprehension, he was always able to immediately grasp difficult situations accurately and to find quick solutions.
  • Particularly noteworthy is Mr. Mühlberg's ability, even under high stress, to approach the work and projects assigned to him with calmness and concentration, purposefully, solution-oriented and on his own responsibility, and to complete them successfully within the set time frame.
  • Mr. Mühlberg's behavior towards superiors, employees and customers was always exemplary and was particularly demonstrated in exemplary cooperation and teamwork skills.
  • When communicating with superiors and colleagues, Mr. Mühlberg made use of his constructive, goal-oriented but always consensus-oriented discussion skills.

and this is what I say about myself:

I have...
  • ...the knowledge to take care of my own education and move in the (local or online) tech community.
  • ...strong research skills and am able to research, find, collect, evaluate and process specific information.
  • ...strong reading comprehension skills, able to understand information on websites, product documentation,
       technical and licensing publications and extract specific content quickly and accurately.
  • ...strong problem solving skills and high motivation with attention to detail.
  • I'am a team player who shows initiative and is willing to go the extra mile when the team is pushed to its limits.
Many people see in the computer program I developed (2003) just a software like any other. Only a few realize the effort, the different subject matter and the associated knowledge to be able to realize something like this at all. Are you one of them?

Programming (VB6 [ADO, API, ActiveX]) and successful marketing of the translation program "Correspondence 4 Business" [ISBN 3937858288].

Setup creation with InnoSetup and Wise Package Studio (MSI).
SW test coordinator and UHD.
Coordination of translations
CD cover and manual (concept, design, content).
Acquisition and negotiation (CD-ROM producers, SW distributors).

My perception on the pandemic

Remember when WTI Oil was worth nothing in April 2020? Six months later, on October 30, heating oil (ISIN: XC0007924522) was at virtually US$0.00 for at least one weekend.

The outbreak of the Corona pandemic in 2020 and the accompanying lockdowns have shown the weaknesses of politics, the economy and a supposedly modern working world. The responsibility of this pandemic is shifted to the population and it is claimed that one is mostly infected in the private sphere, but rarely at the workplace or on the way there. After about 18 months have passed, the return to a normal life is propagated, but to this day I miss true crisis management.

A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH ( ↷) (dated March 23, 2021) states the following: When asked about their work situation, nearly three-quarters of respondents (74 percent) said that they basically have a suitable workstation at home. However, there is a lack of technical equipment provided by the employer: almost one in two (48 percent) does not have secure VPN Internet access. Just under half (49 percent) use a laptop provided by their employer, while very few (5 percent) use a job tablet. Only one in three (31 percent) respondents have access to e-files, and tools for video conferencing are used by about a quarter (26 percent). And one in three (34 percent) have even used private technology in the home office in whole or in part.

„Digital skills, a high level of trust, and openness to new things are important for digitization at all levels. Managers should also educate themselves on topics such as agile working, leading at a distance, and digital communication.“
Adrian Gelep, Senior Manager in the Public Sector Practice at PwC Germany.
Another study "Economic impact of Covid-19 induced Home Office", (allegedly) also from Pricewaterhouse Coopers, calculates that working from home (home office) leads to a decrease in the gross domestic product by an expected 14.9 billion euros.
(Unfortunately, I cannot validate this, because google does not show me any relevant hits).

I have had my website translated into several languages now because I am now looking around the world for the company that has really arrived in the 21st century. I'm here describing the job of an application packer for the non-tech savvy, but many posts on Linux will follow.

Knowledge, skills, experience...

DOS ♦ Windows 3.1x ♦ Windows 95 ♦ Windows 98 ♦ Windows NT4 ♦ Windows 2000 ♦ Windows 2003 ♦ Windows XP ♦ Windows Vista ♦ Windows 7 ♦ Windows 10 ♦ Linux ♦ SuSE ♦ Redhat ♦ CentOS ♦ Open(Free-)BSD ♦ Ubuntu ♦ Debian ♦ VMware ♦ Workstation ♦ Player ♦ vSphere ♦ Horizon ♦ KVM/QEMU ♦ libvirt ♦ spice ♦ VMM ♦ DosBox ♦ VirtualBox ♦ Wine ♦ ITIL::Service Transition ♦ ITIL::Service Operation ♦ XP–Extreme Programming ♦ UML2 mit MS-Visio ♦ Brainstorming ♦ Story-Card ♦ Cognitive Walkthrough ♦ MSI-API ♦ Orca ♦ InstEd ♦ Wise Package Studio ♦ Advanced Installer ♦ Flexera AdminStudio ♦ ZENwork ♦ Emco MSIPackageBuilder ♦ Ivanti ♦ HEAT ♦ DSM ♦ NetInstall ♦ NSIS ♦ InnoSetup ♦ SciTe/AutoIt ♦ SIT ♦ CISM ♦ SDWI ♦ PSAppDeployToolkit ♦ Package Launcher ♦ HSL ♦ SCCM ♦ SCOM ♦ Altiris ♦ OPSI ♦ MMC ♦ GPO ♦ GPP ♦ ACL ♦ UAC ♦ SecEdit ♦ SetACL ♦ Registry ♦ SysInternals ♦ Dependency Walker ♦ nLite ♦ vLite ♦ vbsEdit ♦ VB.NET ♦ ASP.Net ♦ C# ♦ VB6 ♦ VBA ♦ VBS ♦ WMI ♦ WMIC ♦ WSH ♦ API ♦ ActiveX ♦ (PL/-)( T/-)SQL ♦ DAO ♦ ADO ♦ HTA ♦ HTML ♦ CSS ♦ Shell-Script ♦ DOS ♦ Bash ♦ Subversion ♦ AnkhSVN ♦ TortoiseSVN ♦ MS-Visual-SourceSafe ♦ MS Access ♦ MS SQL-Server ♦ IBM DB2 ♦ Oracle ♦ MySQL ♦ MariaDB ♦ Quest Toad ♦ IBM Maximo SMI ♦ IBM USU Valuemation ♦ MS Office ♦ Lotus Smart Suite ♦ Corel Word Perfect Suite ♦ Novell Lotus Notes ♦ OpenOffice ♦ LibreOffice ♦ Adobe Photoshop ♦ Gimp ♦ TMPGEnc ♦ VirtualDubMod ♦ AviDemux ♦ Kazam ♦ Inkscape ♦ Skype ♦ Webex ♦ Lync ♦ MS Sharepoint ♦ TeamViewer ♦ Citrix Receiver ♦ PuTTY ♦ Filezilla ♦ Zentyal ♦ Webmin ♦ PostfixAdmin ♦ phpMyAdmin ♦ tWiki ♦ phpBB ♦ eGroupware ♦ Apache ♦ Samba ♦ (ISC-)DHCP ♦ DNS (bind9) ♦ Dovecot (IMAP ♦ POP) ♦ Postfix (SMTP) ♦ squid ♦ squidGuard ♦ Jana Proxy ♦ ... ♦ ...
The application packager role provides more information about the assignment of a software packager according to ITIL.
A detailed description of ICT professions ( ↷) is provided by a Swiss WebSite.